Monoszló 2019


Protected Destination of Origin

A village designated wine made in a traditional style, coming from the Baller family’s old vineyard. After hand harvesting ripe and healthy fruit, the free-run juice was fermented in 700 liter oak barrel over 2 months, remaining in barrel after fermentation for another 7 months.

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Vintage: 2019            0,75 l

Vinyard location: Pangyér hegy, Pangyér dűlő
Grape Variety: Juhfark

Training: Mid-wire Cordon
Pruning: Spur pruned
Soil composition: Volcanic Basaltic Tuff
Method of harvesting: Hand harvested and sorted
Method of processing: using only Free-run juice
Fermentation: Spontaneous, in a 700 liter oak barrel
Aging: 7 months
Total Soluable Solids:
Free SO2/Total SO2:
Titratable Acidity:
ABV: 12,5 %