Monoszló 2021


Protected Destination of Origin

A single vineyard wine made in a traditional style, coming from the Baller family’s 34 years old vineyard. After hand harvesting and whole bunch pressing the ripe and healthy fruit early october, the juice was fermented in one 700 liter and one 225 liter oak barrel over 2 months, remaining in barrel after fermentation for another 6 months.

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Vintage: 2021            0,75 l

Vinyard location: Monoszló, Pangyér hill, Pangyér vineyard
Grape Variety: Juhfark

Training: High-wire Cordon
Pruning: Cane pruned
Soil composition: Volcanic Basaltic Tuff
Method of harvesting: Hand harvested and sorted
Method of processing: Whithout pressing
Fermentation: Spontaneous, in a 700 liter oak barrel
Aging: 6 months
Total Soluable Solids: 31,1 g/l
Residual sugar: 8,4 g/l
Free SO2/Total SO2: 6-114 mg/l
Titratable Acidity: 9,99 g/l
ABV: 11 %