We are making wines that are true representations of both the unique minerality of the Kál Valley and the varietal characteristics of the grapes that grow here.

In the beginning we didn’t have much, but we had an idea. We wanted to create a winery that evoked the spirit of the place and recognizably exhibited the attributes of these terroirs. In 2009, our idea started becoming reality. The first vintage tuned out to be excellent, which ensured and inspired us to keep going.

Our practices are based on humility and lots of handwork. We strive to achieve natural simplicity and high quality in our restless pursuit to do better. Our days are filled with the joy of learning and the excitement of a challenge.

“It’s the perfect experience, to become one with the thing we do.”Gyula Szabó, winemaker

The geologic history formed the Balaton Uplands into a magical landscape. Buttes risen from the ancient Pannonian Sea – the soil forming on top of these volcanic monuments along with the Mediterrenean subclimate made this land an inspirational place for many generations throughout history.
The majority of our grapes come from the slopes of the naturally protected volcanic buttes. These vineyards grow on soils made of basalt fragments mixed with clay and brown earth. The structure created by volcanic tuff and sedimentary rocks create rich mineral and fossil content.
For two thousand years, life in the area has been centered around wine. Over centuries, the vineyards of the court, the church, the aristocracy and the nobility grew the prominence of the appellation – winemaking here was cultivated by figures such as kings the Árpád dynasty, the princes of the Esterházy family and the Archdiocese of Veszprém.
Climate is strongly influenced by the terrain. In the growing season the southwest side of the hills enjoys Mediterranean influences. The amount of sunshine on average is over two thousand hours per year. Yearly precipitation is between 650-690 mm (25-27 in).
The packages can be purchased at the vinotheque in Köveskál, or even delivered free of charge.
Our PREMIUM line consists of Single Vineyard Wines and Selections. Our BASE line is made of Varietal Wines and Blends.
We welcome our guests with a wide range of wines. Guided tastings by prior appointment only.
Opening hours:

Sunday-Thursday 10-16
Friday-Saturday 10-20

Eight wonderful villages welcome visitors to this picturesque region, with many historical sites and a Mediterranean ambiance.
About the Káli Basin
After the depopulation caused by World War II, the area has been enjoying a true revival in the past few decades. The unique beauty of the region makes an impression on many; old traditions and professions are bringing new life to the Káli Basin.
Programs and Attracions
Sunday is best spent at the farmers market of Káptalantóti – an abundance of goods to satisfy your senses. Whether on foot or on a bike, there are many trails to choose from.
Don’t miss the giant wall of basalt fingers of Hegyestű, the Eötvös-lookout on Fekete Hill, the „Sea Of Rocks” in Szentbékálla, the Sásdi meadow, the springwater of Kékkút, and the wildlife habitat Lake Kornyi.
“Gastrovillage”, Köveskál
Köveskál is located a few kilometers North of Lake Balaton. You can easily find fine, local wines and food on main street – you’ll be greeted like a friend.
8274 Köveskál, Fő utca 11.

Bank account number: 10402290-50515256-54511001